The Key to Unlocking Your Batterie's Full Potential

                                                  Did You Know?

• Eighty percent of all lead-acid battery failures can be avoided
• You can dramatically extend the life of your lead-acid batteries
• You can increase their efficiency no matter how long they have been in or out of service.

     As batteries are cycled, sulfation begins to harden and crystallize on the surface creating a permanent insulative barrier. As this barrier becomes thicker and thicker, the battery’s ability to accept a charge or deliver energy is greatly diminished. The accumulation of such deposits, otherwise know as sulfation, is the most destructive process in the life of any lead-acid battery.

How It Works

     Using patented, sweeping pulse technology, The DeSulfator ® electronically prevents battery sulfation, allowing today’s batteries to last significantly longer. The DeSulfator ® is designed for use in all lead acid battery Systems, dramatically improving the battery’s ability to accept and deliver energy. It connects directly to the battery or charging source output and continually conditions the battery by preventing and eliminating sulfation.